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Why do I need a VPN?

If you have difficulty to access many USA and UK multimedia and social network websites, for example BBC, ABC, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Hulu, NetFlix etc., you need a VPN service to replace your internet protocol address with USA or UK one to get smooth access to these websites from remote locations.

What else reason I need a VPN connection?

If you want to secure your own privacy when going online through opened wifi connection, you also need a VPN to protect your data.

Or if your network administrator block websites for example pinterest.com or tumblr.com or the Skype applications, then also the VPN can help you to bypass these issues easily.

I have problem to connect to the PPTP VPN, what could be the reason?

PPTP VPN is a very popular Virtual Private Network standard, however because it uses the GRE protocol to encrypt the data, this type of VPN is the often being blocked by your home routers, by your ISP or by your local country's authority department.

To get the PPTP VPN 100% working, make sure the TCP port 1723 is fully opened in your home router, in your ISP side and also your country's international outbound facility doesn't block it too.

Plus, the GRE protocol should be fully opened too to get the PPTP VPN connected without getting ERROR 721 or other problems.