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Virtual Private Network, or called VPN, is the new way to get connected to internet with enhanced security and features. The most popular protocol right now is called PPTP ( Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol ) pushed to market by Microsoft since the early days of Windows 95 early to mid 1990s. Since then PPTP VPN becomes extremely popular that can be run on a huge variety of desktop systems and mobile devices. However PPTP itself is simply tunnels and encapsulated the data packet, it depends on GRE and TCP to handle the data 128bits encryption. Many people may still worry about the strength of PPTP security, but in the real world this protocol remains a very strong and long life cycle for all kinds of computer systems and smart equipments.

Don't access internet within public network without any VPN tunneling, it simply likes that you take thousands of cash in your hand when crossing the street - everyone can see what you are doing. Pick up one of the best VPN from our list, get its free password then connects to the internet with extra security layer immediately, your data is most valued stuffs in current information days, so protect it, and keep it safely through the amazing free VPN service.

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